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NEWS UPDATE: We have just received the following AWARDS :

- Best of Miami (4th year in a row)
- Best of Fort Lauderdale (3rd year in a row)
- Best of Florida (2nd year in a row)

In celebration of this achievement, we are offering a low price guarantee. We will beat any written quote for medical billing services for any practice currently billing $250K per year or more!! Call us now at (305) 424-4949 to take advantage of this special limited time offer and reduce your billing costs.


A1A Billing and Practice Management is a professional medical billing and practice management service dedicated to working with individual physicians and small group practices to produce the desired results of increasing cash flow and reducing expenses. We utilize the latest medical billing software and we've partnered with one of the largest clearing houses in the industry to efficiently process insurance medical claims and patient billing. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and superior customer service.

Back office operations for medical billing require a high attention to detail. Medical billing personnel turn over frequently. Medical billing software and hardware requires a capital expense up front and high recurring fees annually. Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance claims processing is complicated with rules that are constantly changing. It is difficult for a small practice to keep up with the changes, the staffing, the training, and the software upgrades. We are here to help.

At A1A Billing and Practice Management we use HIPAA compliant medical billing software and we provide you with free access to claims information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition we produce a wide variety of reports to fit your needs.

Medical Billing and Practice Management

Creative Collection Solutions

Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)

MD Audit Shield - RAC

CodeMAXX Services

Physician Credentialing

Well-Care Services

Custom Wellness Program

Patient Assessment (P.A.S.)

Transcription Services

Digital Scanning & Archiving of Medical Records

Remote Data Backup & Recovery Services (RBS)

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Our medical billing rates are competitive and affordable. Every practice is unique so we tailor our medical billing pricing to the needs of your practice and offer you the best rate possible. It starts with good communication to understand each practice and to incorporate our expertise to improve your bottom line. We understand how important your work is and know we can play a significant role in helping you focus on patient care while we process your medical billing and collections.

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